Miui Razer Edition For Redmi Note 10 Pro / Max And some Xiaomi Devices


Hello everyone we are here to Announce our new creation MIUI Razer Edition It is mainly based on the Official Latest MIUI Beta and Stable Builds of all devices and for Sweet (Redmi Note 10 pro/max) and Tulip (Redmi Note 6 Pro) it is a port ROM Which is ported from Lavender(Redmi Note 7). But being a port ROM it will give you high performance and Better Battery Backup.

MIUI Razer Extra Features :-

1. SafetyNet Passed Without Root :

For many devices, the rom will be safetynet passed by default and some roms can not be passed  because they use different mods for now but we will try as much as we can in fixing it for future updates. Safetynet passed devices will run flawlessly any kind of banking apps.

2. Display Colours Optimizations :

We have totally fixed color issues for every device and it is now super enhanced. Even in every reboot color reset is fixed now and u can use lock unlock flawlessly.

3. Smoothness Increased:

Earlier razer was having such issues like rom gets slow down after some time of usage like 3 to 10 days but now it is super fine and super smooth in every aspect than available other ports for now.

4. Animations Decreased:

As more useless animations create apps reloading slower so we have removed animations as much we can and now apps will load so fast without hurting eyes and it will be seamless.

5. PUBG Smooth + 90fps Enabled:

All users know that how much important in a rom performance is. Although it is a gaming rom and we have tried to performance as much as we can and now it I lit. Newly ginkgo , tulip, whyred has also added 90 fps support in smooth.

6. Settings Layout Changed :

With all of your wants we have done the account settings on the upper side like global rom and we have re-enhanced the icons of settings and now look more lively and attractive.

7. Added All-New App Vault: Amazing interface

It will be ready to welcome u with the happy new year.

8. Performance:

It is highly performance rom always in every device especially in old devices we try to implement best experience.

9. Icons :

We have added some new icon packs from a theme named colourful and thanks to its developer : @Celio2xL.

10. Charging animations :

It has custom charging animations which makes it cool and different than other roms.

11. Live Wallpapers  :

The most interesting part of this rom is it gives the live wallpapers inbuilt and also some new razer roms wallpaper which gives your device totally new look.

12. Bug Reporter  :

Wehave a bug reporter inbuilt which will connect you to directly to our bot and it will give you a seamless experience of reporting bugs to directly the project maintainer and developers.

12. Bold clocks in lockscreen  :

A rear piece that u can see lock screen clock style is bolder than any other roms and it has adaptive feature to fonts and it will change with fonts every time.

13. Debloatation :

Razer rom is a highly debloated rom and removed every unwanted apps from user and it makes the perfect miui with using less system storage.

14. Fonts:

Razer has 9 fonts inbuilt and u can use any and the issues of last razer font related has been solved.

15. Fixed charge drop:

Sudden charge drop has been fixed and it is highly improved now.

16. Added Chrome Browser :

We have deleted the Mi Browser from this port and implemented Chrome Browser. Also in most of the ports there is problems with chrome browser , users say that they are not able to download chrome from playstore. So this time we have implemented chrome as a system app. Now you won’t Face any problems.

17. Volte Video Calls :

Volte calls are most important thing for most of the users now u guys can seamlessly use volte calls in all port roms and also official versions of roms.

17. Screen Cast works Perfectly :

Screencast has been totally fixed in all razer ports and other official supported devices. It will allow u to cast anything to your beloved pc or laptop and we respect every user’s demand and choice.

18. Always ON Display (AOD) Removed :

As the always-on display is useless in our ROMs because most of them are ips display stuff.So we have totally blocked it for all ROMs

19. Updated all apps:

 All apps have been updated to the last china beta and even the home apk is also from the latest ROMs.

Supported Devices Are:

  • Redmi Note 10 Pro / Max